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Share our Vision; We Together share values in Five Areas. HEALTH-HARMONY-HOLISTIC-OPENESS and Respect for others and oneself


Enjoy the best
social economy, health,nutricion and beauty  combined together

We are here to share ideas around Heath. We are also here to share opinions about Sport. Nutricion. Modern ways to economical freedom. Do you want to join us to become member in our Non Profitable Organisation.


We have best holistic recipes!

But that is not enought. We also have a thing called Transfer Factor that stimulates and improve the immune system up to 437%. 
Thats an amazing improvment to health

Holistic Coaching

Dr Jorge Garcia Santos as a founder of Klubb Vida Sana discovered as a doctor that people need health in five important areas to be able to sustain and live a holistic happiness


We need to work in Team

Today it is not enough to be strong alone. It is essential to have likeminded others around. Klubb Vida Sana is not only forming events and education for members. We also provoke an international approach where we colllaborate with different N.P.O to in a broader education around temas like networking and personal development.


University of Joy

We give healthy alternative beyond the Paradigm Normal. We find alternative ways to holistic approach to fun, using Culture, business and Fun in One


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we are collaborating with Youth and offers a free membership to Youth with a interest of working abroad. 
As a member of Klubb Vida Sana you have access to Bbeabridge International with a proyect in North Spain for Youth. Welcome to contact our member pages for more information.

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All-in-one beginner guide

Many of us still have a difficulty to understand the importance of social abilities today. Through education we form our community to be better equipped for working in Social Economy as well as temas around Beauty called Twin Cosmetics that is fashionable among stars like Modonna, Beckham. Beauty on the outside, leads to beauty on the inside.


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One Vision and Mission. Our dream is to have more and more members and with the fee of the membership, 10euros a year be able to open more and more University of Joys around the planet and support Bbeabridge International Clubs around the Glove for a better communication and a better building Bridges by being one. Our mission is Clear. Our Vision is a Better World thinking and acting as ONE.

Why Membership

We want to fill the World with better communication and filled with happy people. Join our community and share with us and the members what you want to share. Do[…]

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Varför Bli Medlem

Det finns många skäl till att vilja bli Medlem; Vårt mål är 5000 medlemmar; Vi hoppas att våra medlemmar ska kunna hitta vänner och likasinnade, kunna växa in i ett[…]

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We welcome you as a Member to contribute, share and benefit

Klubb Vida Sana is a Non profitable organisation with Aim to better the communication and build network of brothers and sisters. You can Join our community of you share our Values. You are welcome to start a Klubb Vida Sana in your area and get our support if you are interested. Everyone gain becoming a member.