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Education in times of Crisis

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Education in times of Crisis

Winners always take advantages of times of Crisis. A crisis inicates a change. 

Due to our biological and cultural differences and similarities we always found the once who are more willing to accept the change and process and the once who are not. The only time we can save in this change is to prepare our mindset and fully understand that there are certain things we can do, the majority inside of ourself. We can add a nice attitude and follow the changes without resistance. We can train and learn to become a leader. Once we have the abilities it is time to do the personal growth and understand the truth that the only person we can lead is ourself and when we show others this ability they follow.. WE in Klubb Vida Sana are moving forth in this field and we will soon open up the material for 2019.  We do some training on the cruises from Sweden to Finland. Welcome to form part in our community.

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