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Hello world!

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Hello world!

Welcome to us as a member. My name is Hannika Oberg and I am in charge of the member page for english speakers so to say.  We are a community where we help each other, we share what is good. You can become part of our society if you want. 

Our idea is to share what is good in a holistic approach around the social human being. We need each other. Thats why we focus on personal development. We have courses with Dr Jorge Garcia Santos and a modelar system where we develop understanding and skills around our personal development. 

We collaborate with Bbeabridge and the so called DeVi Coaching which is a coarse based on ten steps for a broader understanding of what we can do to better functioning with robots and machines.

This is our logotype

For more information please contact me as president for Sweden. My name is Hannika so you can adress me directly on hannika@klubbvidasana.com  Very Welcome

Ordförande Klubb Vida Sana i Sverige

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